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April 6th 2013 - Rose Love Cover page by MissNips!

Hello again! Guess what? Rose Love has an official cover page crafted by the lovely MissNips! It's a sexy full color piece featuring Lisa and her hot Mom, so head on over to my Rose Love comic section to check it out! Perhaps I'll have a full color spread for every, you should also check out MissNips DA and Hentai Foundry pages. Pretty hot stuff if you ask me!

MissNips Rose Love Cover Page

April 2nd 2013 - Dr. Connor's Sexperiments

Okay! I have some news for you. RMSCOMICS is going to host special guest comics, images, and the like starting today! Yes, this is no April fools joke. Introducing Secant1's Dr. Connor's Sexperiments! You can click the link or the image below that takes you to the first page. Since it's just starting out, there's only a couple pages, so expect updates in the future. If you want to become an RMSCOMICS artist, contact me at If you're here for all the other goodies, just subscribe to my RSS feed and keep up to date on my latest works! Peace.

Dr. Connor's Sexperiments

March 21st 2013 - Visit Jab Comix

Alright guys! I now have a links section! You can see the link in the main menu up there. See? This means that link trades are now on! Also in my links section are a handful of awesome affilate sites designed to make you money! I only picked the best of the best, the ones that actually made me some cash over the years, so feel free to check those out. Along with that, I have a ton of sites you should all check out, especially the anal prolapse ones. Haha. I get a lot of inspiration from those talented girls. Ha. Don't forget to check out Jab Comix too if you like toons!

Jab Comix

March 15th 2013 - Visit Jab Comix

Hey guys. So yeah, I'm doing quite a bit of drawing lately, which is good. I also want to let you guys of an awesome website called Jab Comix. Seriously, go check it out. It's got a ton of original adult comics that are just hot as hell. I recommend Dat Ass and Blizzard.

Jab Comix

March 5th 2013 - Gosh darn it! Rose Love Chapter 1 is complete!

Yep, Rose Love Chapter 01 has come to a close, and I'm so pumped! I hope you guys are too! Some Kotaru action is coming up so you can look forward to that. As for the next page, I am currently moving which is why it took so long just to get the last page out, so it may be awhile. But hey, chapter one is finished! WOOT! Seriously, I am stoked. Haha. I hope you all enjoyed the first 24 pages. Please share and pass on RL to your perverted friends and don't be afraid to check out my affilate links. Catch ya later!

Rose Love Page 24

Febuary 2nd 2013 - It's that time again!

What time is it? Rose Love time! Ha! Yep, you guessed it, another Rose Love page is here! Head on over to my adult comics section to check out page 23! Peace out.

Rose Love Page 23

January 19th 2013 - Rose Love Page 22 is here!

Yeah be-hotches! Rose Love page 22 is here! You want it, come get it. Click below! I've had quite a time trying to get this bad boy up, but whatevs, more coming soon.

Rose Love Page 22

December 23rd 2012 - Happy Holidays Perverts!

Ha, I kid, I kid. Anyways, I just wanted to say Happy Holidays! As it is nearing X-mas Rose Love will be taking a short break. Nothing too long I promise, just a tiny one, so there won't be a new page this week. But I have some fancy artwork to show off instead! So enjoy and may you have all the sex possible well into the new year!


December 16th 2012 - RL 21 and Comments section!

Okay peoples, I have for you Rose Love 21! The big climax is here, so please check it out and fap away! But wait, there's more! You'll notice if you scroll down on Rose Love page 21, that there is now a comments section! I'm going to test the waters with this for awhile just to see how it goes. If it works out, I'll put one up on every page. So please, leave and comment or two! Also, more Rose Love is on the way! Chapter one isn't over yet, so check back often to stay up to date on your favorite anal prolapse comic! ^_^

Rose Love Page 21

December 9th 2012 - RL 20 Bitches!

Haha. You thought Rose Love wasn't coming out this week, didn't you? Hey now, it's still Sunday...10:57 PM my time, acutally. So yeah, anyways, RL 20 is up online! Now go love the shit of it! Thanks, night!

Rose Love Page 20

August 29th 2012 - Rose Love Doujinshi Comic!

Hello fellow doujinshi fans! I thought I'd ask you what you all think of my newest doujin Rose Love? Like it? Haha, I know I love drawing it! Things are moving along quite nicely. Pretty soon I will have half a chapter completed! So if you like manga, hentai, anal fetishes such as anal prolapse and rosebutts, then don't miss out on Rose Love! And please, share, share, share.

Rose Love Banner

August 27th 2012 - The Walking Dead Season 3!

Wow, the Walking Dead season 3 premiere is almost upon us! I can't wait! I have a feeling it's going to floor season 2! Man, that season was slow. Anyways, I'm super excited for it! I'll let you all know what I think about The Walking Dead after it's mid-season finale. By then, we all should have a good idea how awesome season 3 will actually be. Fingers crossed!

The Walking Dead Season 3

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