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Rms Shorts

Steel Profile


Steel is the main hero, the head honcho. He's irritable, sarcastic, he overacts and is a bit of a control freak. Deep down however, Steel is lonely, and hides his mysterious past behind an exterior wall of well, steel. Somehow the owner of a boarding house. Steel reluctantly searches for tenants to help him pay the bills. This becomes a problem however when he actually finds roommates. The first of which, a beautiful, sexy, half-naked vixen named Jo.

Jo Profile


This sexy, young, seductive vixen is Jo. She was Steel's first...roommate, and thus can get under his skin like no other. Sly, blunt, crude, and beautiful, Jo is a perfect mix of comedy and drama and is not shy stepping up to the plate. She'll hit you hard and fast, but hey, that's the way most of us like it anyways. Now if only she'd pay the rent...Oh, and did I mention? Jo operates in the half-naked twenty four hours a day.

Summer Profile


Ah Summer. She's sweet, genuine, clumsy and naive...on the surface. Let's just say, she could be out of this world, or something like that. Summer is spastic and suspiciously forgetful. She's a close childhood friend of Steel and still harbors a pure child-like love for him. Summer has trouble recalling specific events from her childhood, and has a bad short term memory. She'll unknowingly involve herself in Jo and Steel's shenanigans and might even end up saving the day without knowing it. Jo hates her at times.

The Lazy Dead

Morris Profile


Morris is a conflicted undead skeleton on a tireless journey to find true love and friendship. After his home gets stolen by his neighbor, Morris sets out to discover what true friendship is all about. However, things don't go quite as planned. Never fitting in with his zombie brethren, Morris now finds himself surrounded by the living. Deep down, he's lonely and yearns for companionship, and is willing to do anything to get it. Will the humans discover his secret?

Breeman Profile


Residing at the Church Street Cemetery, R. Breeman enjoys pestering his neighbor Morris. Breeman is always waiting for a chance to steal Morris' grave from under his nose, and eventually succeeds. Breeman is a dick, humorous, but still a dick, plain and simple. His motives are unclear and he causes others to suffer with no concern for any other living being, besides himself of course.

Lisa Profile


Lisa. Oh poor Lisa. Lisa is the daughter of two neglectful parents, and granddaughter to the late R. Breeman. Forced to steal and dig a new grave after her grandfather's funeral, she has thus developed a zombie fetish. You can find her around the seedy areas of town, allowing the grateful undead to nibble and suck out her fluids. Will we see more of Lisa? You can count on it.

Jay and Base Profile

Jay and Base

Jay and Base are an inseparable pair of hilarious undead zombie BFFs. Their main characteristics include being lazy, unenthusiastic, lethargic, sarcastic, and having intense cravings for munchies...that are alive. The most these two can accomplish is the occasional heated debated about the latest tech gear, Bill Gates or which ice cream flavor tastes more like a pancreas. When they are on the move though...look out. Jay and Base are comin' at cha!

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