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About RMS Shorts

Steel attempts to run a boarding house while putting up with his outrageous tenants. Steel, along with his sexy roommate Jo, fight and fend off advances from supernatural beings and undead zombies, in a heroic battle to obtain coin, and pay the bills.

Let the sexual high jinx and zombie Souffle begin! Join Steel, Summer, Jo and the undead Morris in Rms Shorts! The OFFICIAL RMS SHORTS homepage can be reached here. Head on over to the archive section to see what it's all about.

Rms Shorts

The Lazy Dead

The Lazy Dead is a series existing within the RMS world. Featuring the lonely but loveable Morris Tea, a talking skeleton who just can't find his place among his zombie brethren. After losing his grave to his arch nemesis, R. Breeman, Morris steps into the unknown world of humans in search of new friendships. Will Morris survive...the anguish?

The Lazy Dead is an ongoing series...so crossovers are inevitable. Look forward to more Lazy Dead!

The Lazy Dead

History of RMS Shorts - Ryan Chandler Bio

Rms Shorts was inspired from a small comic Ryan J.S. Chandler aka Steelmullet created while cruising the online forums of Gaiaonline. After a one shot release consisting of fifteen pages, Ryan furthered development and transformed his work into a weekly online web comic series known today as RMS Shorts. The comic originally featured Steelmullet as the main character, working through his everyday life and attempting to get along with his male roommate. The concept grew and grew and changes were inevitably made. Steel's male roommate turned into a sexy female roommate named Jo. Steel's childhood friend, Summer, began to make an appearance, and plans to add a supernatural element to the story was in place. The RMS Shorts world began to take shape, encompassing more that just a run of the mill comedy. Zombies, aliens, CIA agents and more, all drawn to this one particular area, and each interested living under the same roof as our reluctant protagonist. What is it that Steel exudes to attract such uncommon roommates is still a mystery, but one thing's for sure. They're here to stay, and they're hilarious.

RMS Shorts moves into it's forth year of development. Creator Ryan Chandler has finally graduated from NSCAD University, Nova Scotia, and can dedicate some hard time into the series he loves. He also is on route to creating his first animated television series for mature audiences, and hopes to have it in production in 2012.

Canadian and creator - Ryan Chandler

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