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Old News

December 2nd 2012 - RL 19 is online!

Yo playas, Rose Love 19 is here! It's a little late, but hey, 'tis still the weekend. For those of you who don't know, I usually update on the weekend, anywhere between Friday and Sunday. But I also update randomly during the week days too, so it's best to check back often. Anyways, head on over to my adult comics section for the latest manga page!

Rose Love Page 19

November 25th 2012 - Rose Love Page 18 is up!!

The newest Rose Love page is here for you all to enjoy! Check out my adult comics section to view it in all it's glory! I'm thinking about adding a comments section to this site so people can leave feedback. Won't happen right away, but I thought I'd mention it. If you're an American, I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! And in the spirit of giving, I ask of you to please share Rose Love and my website as much as you can. Thanks!

Rose Love Page 18

Nov. 18th 2012 - RL 17 and the Walking Dead!

Remember, remember the 18th of November, the Wii U, Walking Dead, and Rose Love! I was the rest? It doesn't matter anyhow! I've got some exciting things for you all today! First up, ROSE LOVE page 17 is here! Head on over to my adults section to check it out! Second, Nintendo's new home console, the Wii U has finally been released today! Now, some of you might not like Nintendo, but I am still very much a fan boy. Haha. Sadly, I cannot afford food, let alone a new console. And last but not least, The Walking Dead! Man, season three is just flooring season two. Way to go Walking Dead! As you can see, November 18th is a day to remember. Mostly just for Rose Love. ^_^

Rose Love Page 17 and the Walking Dead banner

November 10th 2012 - Rose Love Page 16!

Rose Love is back with page 16! Poor Lisa, just when you start to enjoy yourself, mommy steps in and pulls rank on you. Haha. But hey, Miss Misaki is like a dominatrix, so if I were Lisa, I'd obey. Chapter 01 is wrapping up nicely, but there's still plenty to cum...Haha. Please share and tell other perverts about Rose Love. It's hard to do porn comics when you have to do other things to pay the rent. Word.

Rose Love Page 16

November 6th 2012 - Eira Seraphine!

Hey guys! Meet the bipolar sadist Eira Seraphine! She's an OC of mine and just so happens to be a Pokemon gym leader! So, why Pokemon you ask? Haha, actually, it was a drawing it did for an art trade/commission. Also, you wouldn't believe how many Pokemon requests come up. Anyways, I thought I'd show off her loveliness to all you wonderful perverts out there! Don't you just wanna rub the tip of your [insert genitals] all over her glossy red lips? For all you ROSE LOVE fans, I'll have a new page up this weekend!

Pokemon Black and White Gym Leader Eira Seraphine

November 3rd 2012 - Rose Love Page 15!

Another glorious page of ROSE LOVE is here! Head on over to my adult manga section to view page 15! Also, I know it's late, but I'd like to wish you all a happy porn filled Halloween! And please, tell your friends about Rose Love!

Rose Love Page 15

October 20th 2012 - RL Page 14!

Page 14 of ROSE LOVE is here! Things are heatin' up with Lisa taking a sexual beating from mama! To gape and rosebutt fans, I predict that you will love this page! Oh shucks, you'll love the entire comic series, so go check it out now! Haha! Please share and spread the Rose Love word!

Rose Love Page 14

October 13th 2012 - RL Page 13!

Page 13 of my sexy hot doujin ROSE LOVE has been updated! I'd also like to extend a happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Being from Canada the holiday was last weekend! OMG the pie, oh the, pumpkin, good! Now if you fancy yourself a pie, a hot sticky wet pie that is, head on over to my adult manga section and enjoy the latest slice of ROSE LOVE! Also, if you like the comic, please share the links, and spread the word.

Rose Love Page 13

September 29th 2012 - RL Page 12!

Page 12 of my awesome doujin ROSE LOVE has been updated! Now guys and gals, I can't express enough how sexually intense this comic is! Rose Love is the first doujinshi to incorporate anal prolapse play, rosebutt licking, anal fisting and incest, all wrapped up in one glorious webcomic! You can't find anything like this online, so head on over to my adult manga section to enjoy the latest page of ROSE LOVE!

Please, if you like the comic, share the links, and spread the word. Like a normal human being, I find that I have to eat from time to time. However when you happen to be outrageously poor, like moi, you often think to yourself, self, I would really like some food right about now. With that being said, don't be shy, donate to the ROSE LOVE CAUSE today. Thank you.

Rose Love Page 12

September 22nd 2012 - RL Page 11!

Page 11 of ROSE LOVE has been updated! I don't think mommy's finished yet, Lisa...We're now starting to get into the heavy anal stuff, so look forward to it! Click on over to my adult manga section to enjoy the latest page of ROSE LOVE! Warning, anal content, so adults only.

Rose Love Page 11

September 14th 2012 - RL 10!

Page 10 of ROSE LOVE has been updated! Oh my, quite a climax, I must say...oh ho ho ho! Head on over to my adult manga section to enjoy the latest page of ROSE LOVE! Warning, there's cartoon sex, so yeah, be warned.

Rose Love Page 10

September 1st 2012 - RL Page 09!

Page 09 of ROSE LOVE has been updated! Like anime prons? Then head on over to my adult manga section to enjoy the latest page of ROSE LOVE! Warning, there's anal!

Rose Love Page 09

August 24th 2012 - Rose Love Page 08!

Page 08 of ROSE LOVE has been updated! Like hentai stuff? Then head on over to my adult manga section to enjoy all the lovely drawn intercourse! Yay sex!

Rose Love Page 08

August 17th 2012 - Rose Love Page 07!

Page 07 of ROSE LOVE has been updated! To check out the latest update head on over to my Rose Love Doujinshi page here! And as always, it's 18+ only. Things are getting nasty in the Misaki residence! Whoa mama, take it slow! Haha. Check out ROSE LOVE. It's the best thing since that anime with the super high power level! Just do it!

Rose Love Page 07

August 10th 2012 - Rose Love Page 06!

Page 06 of ROSE LOVE has been updated! To check out the latest update head on over to my Rose Love Doujinshi page here! And as always, it's 18+ only. R rated people. Does that really stop anyone though? Haha, no. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and Rose Love now!

Rose Love Page 06

August 2nd 2012 - Rose Love Dojinshi!

HERE IT IS! All caps aside, I proudly present to you my very first dojinshi, Rose Love! You can head on over to the adult section of my site to check it out in all its glory. Be warned, it deals with very graphic fetishes. What fetishes you ask? Well, how about some good 'ol anal? Sure, hell yes! What about some *beep* *beeeep* *beep*? Why yes, there is! Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go check out first few pages of ROSE LOVE now! Don't forget to like my comic on Facebook or Twitter! ^_^

Rose Love Banner

July 8th 2012 - Summer

Well, Summer has arrived! Wondering what I've been up to? I can assure you I've been quite busy slaving away at content that you'll go nuts for! I swear! Also, I've spent a lot of time going to festivals and trying to get a TV show off the ground, eh, eh? Time well spent, huh? Well what about RMS Comics? Trust me, something is coming and it is so awesome, you're gonna pee your pants and then some. Haha.

In other news, my god! Have any of you watched Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope) yet? If you haven't, go do so now or suffer the confidences of not taking in one of the best drama romances of 2012! Did I mention Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop fame directed it? Watch it now!

Kids on the Slope

March 20th 2012 - HSP!

Happy belated Saint Patrick's Day everyone! To celebrate, I've uploaded a nice preview of my new "work in progress." Yes, it's ecchi. Ha, well actually, it's a little bit more than that. You can check out the full page in the adults section. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think or would like to see next, and remember, I do commissions.

Lisa Comic Preview

Dec. 6th 2011 - Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

My, my my. One word to describe Nintendo's latest Zelda game. Epic. Skyward Sword is a true masterpiece. My god. Do yourself a favor and play this game. Just look at the sweet artwork below! Do it! Do it now!

Skyward Sword

Nov. 8th 2011 - Karin Yuri

Yep, yep, yep. I have another erotic pic of our favorite anime babe, Karin, ready for you all to...ahem...enjoy. Haha. Seriously, this one is explicit. So, be warned. You can venture on over to my adults section to check it out. Laters!

Karin Thumbnail E

Oct. 31st 2011 - Guilty Crown and Rune Factory

First off, happy Halloween everyone! Now then, has anyone heard of Guilty Crown? Oh man, this anime sums up everything about anime all in one show! Remote and manually controlled mechs, viral outbreaks, school kids, supernatural void powers, government versus rebellion armies, epic battles, sex appeal, comedy, romance, you name it. It's basically every anime you've ever loved all packed into one action heavy, beautifully drawn animated cartoon. Baby, does this thing look good, God. If you haven't checked it out, do so. The guy who designed the characters for Guilty Crown is on Deviantart too. Check out his gallery here.

On another note, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny has arrived! Woo! It's fantastic. It's a little different with the farming this time around, but it's still Rune Factory through and through. Anyways, later for now.

Guilty Crown

Oct. 21st 2011 - Making a Doujinshi and or Comics!

Just thought I'd tell you fine people that I'm currently making a Doujinshi of my very own! What is a Doujin you ask? Well, it's a form of indie Japanese comics that lean toward adult content. Some are of popular character from Naruto, Bleach, or anything really, and some are completely original. So, what do I plan on doing? A completely original Doujinshi, that's what! Also, you can expect plenty of sexually explicit images and a solid story. I seem to be interested in anal fetishes lately and other hentai related stuff, so be warned. Anyways, I'm off to the drawing board! ^__^

Original Doujinshi Teaser

Oct. 17th 2011 - The Walking Dead and Rune Factory

Okay, first off. Where the hell is my Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny? Huh? I hope you guys heard that the only way one could actually obtain this game was to pre-order it, otherwise, you're out of luck. No retail outlet in Canada has it...apparently, even though it launched six days ago. Psh, I call bull crap on Natsume.

In other news, The Walking Dead season 2 premiere was on last night! Wow! That first scene with the horde of zombies on the highway was kickass awesome. This series has me hooked! I know the director, Frank Darabont, was canned for some reason after directing the first six episodes of season 2, but so far, The Walking Dead has rocked my horror socks off...again! If you like zombies, go watch this series. If you don't, eh, go watch this series.

The Walking Dead Pic

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